About the Watertown Soccer Club

The Watertown Soccer Club (WSC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote youth soccer in Watertown and in the surrounding area.

The Watertown Soccer Club (WSC) was established in 1995 by community volunteers to provide boys and girls in the Watertown area an opportunity to participate in soccer beyond the recreational level offered by the Park & Recreation Department. Membership in the WSC includes players starting around age 7 (U8-U10) through high school age (U18 division).

WSC teams compete in a competitive level of soccer against teams from all around the Madison area.

The objectives of the WSC are to:

  • promote fair play among players, coaches, parents, and spectators while emphasizing that the game is for the kids
  • promote affordable, accessible recreational and competitive youth soccer programs
  • train and develop coaches who emphasize enjoyment for and development of the players
  • work in partnership with our communities and schools to provide safe facilities and enjoyable programs for our youth
  • encourage soccer support and active participation of adults through WSC membership and through booster organizations.

The WSC is an affiliated member of the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association, the Wisconsin Youth
Soccer Association
, the Wisconsin Soccer Association, the United States Youth Soccer Association, the '
United States Soccer Federation, and FIFA.

Correspondence may be addressed to the club at: Watertown Soccer Club, 1660 South Church Street #215, Watertown WI 53094.

About Our Logo

In 2018, the Board of Directors decided it was time to revamp the entire Club. The Board determined the Octagon House was an important reflection of what the city of Watertown stands for. The Octagon House was built by John and Eliza Richards in 1854, which approximates a circle, providing the greatest utilization of space. In its time the Octagon House was very progressive, including central heating, running water and a ventilation system. The Watertown Soccer Club logo is now in the shape of an Octagon to pay respect to the progressive thinking and the use of space John Richards had imagined.

The circular swirl within the logo represents the continuing education the club provides through participation as a Soccer Player, Referee, Coach and even as a Board Member. The city of Watertown's love of education has been evident ever since it established America’s First Kindergarten started in 1856 by Margarethe Meyer Schurz.