Board of Directors

The Watertown Soccer Club's Board of Directors holds monthly meetings, currently conducted the fourth Monday of each month at the Watertown Senior Center typically from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Please check our Facebook page for cancelations or updates on these meetings.

Everyone with a genuine interest in youth soccer in our community is welcome to attend!

Current Board Members

Name & Email Position Elected
Clayton Kratzer President Odd Years
Colleen Good Vice President Even Years
Brian Schmidt Director of Coaching Even Years
Stephanie MacDonald Treasurer Odd Years
Jodi Chenoweth Secretary Even Years
Rebecca Palacios Bilingual Liaison Even Years
Paul Weir Registrar Odd Years
Natalie Gonzalez Community Outreach Coordinator Odd Years
Jason Osterberger At Large 1 Odd Years
Alyssa Best At Large 2 Even Years


Nominations for board positions are held the month prior to the Annual Meeting in June and voted on at the Annual Meeting in July.

To be nominated and elected to a board position interested individuals must attend the Nomination Meeting in June and/or submit a Nomination Form to a WSC board member prior to the Nomination meeting.

Any Board positions unfulfilled can be nominated, voted and go into effect immediately.

Only one voting Board member per household. Any nominations that result in having more than one individual in a household having voting rights, are null and void.


Attendance by Board Members at all meetings is from the designated starting time to the adjournment of the meeting.

Board members will abide by the clubs Constitution, By‐Laws, Policies and Procedures; refrain from changing or modifying club forms and/or materials without approval from Board Members; conduct themselves according to the WSC Code of Ethics and Conduct; and must have a valid risk management card, otherwise the individual will be removed from the Board.

Unapproved minutes from board meetings will not be distributed prior to the minutes being approved.

Complaint Procedure

If a Board Member, Coach or Member has a reasonable cause to believe a Board Member failed to abide by the expectations outlined above; then that individual shall contact a Board Member not involved in the issue.

The Board Member contacted from either another Board Member, Coach, or Member shall bring the issue to the next Board Members meeting. If the complaint is time-sensitive a special Board Meeting shall be conducted, or the time sensitive issue shall be reviewed and finalized via email. The Board Member being accused shall be afforded an opportunity to explain the alleged failure to expectations in a closed‐door Board Meeting. The accuser of the Board Member shall be afforded an opportunity to explain the accusation in a closed‐door Board Meeting.

If, after hearing the Board Member’s response and after making further investigation as warranted by the circumstances, the governing board or committee determines the Board Member has failed to abide by expectations, it shall take appropriate disciplinary and corrective action.

First offense – a warning letter will be given to the Board member.
Second offense – a suspension from one Board meeting. The Board member will not be counted in calculating the quorum and will constitute an absence when reviewing the reimbursement of the current registration fee.
Third offense – The Board member will be ineligible to hold any Board position for at least 24 months. If the offense is so egregious (whether first or second) the Board may enact a lifetime ban on the Board member, by a unanimous vote.